General Sales Conditions (GSC)

Rêve d’Ailleurs welcome you and offer you to stay in its unique suite fully privatized for your pleasure, with large four-poster bed, heated indoor pool, spa, fireplace and terrace on the Alpilles.

The suite Rêve d’Ailleurs is located in Eyguières, 13430, at 2A Montée Bel Air, near Salon de Provence, in the south of France, department 13.

These general conditions of sale make it possible to specify in particular the conditions of the accommodation and the use of the private indoor swimming pool, the private Jacuzzi spa, the fireplace and other furniture made available.

General Rental Conditions:

Article 1. Customers of the suite :

For hygienic reasons, our animal friends are not allowed. For security reasons minors are not allowed in the suite.

The number of customers in the following will have to correspond to the number indicated during the reservation under penalty of immediate termination of the stay without refund possible of the sums already paid and the obligation of payment of the sums remaining due, in question, the non-respect of the general conditions of sale.

Article 2. Length of stay :

The client determines with the renter a fixed period for his stay during his booking.
The customer may not under any circumstances claim any right to stay in the premises beyond the stay booked and granted by the lessor, except with the agreement of the lessor.

Article 3. Arrival and departure :

Rêve d’Ailleurs welcomes its clients according to schedules not having a constant reception service. Arrival is possible from 17:00 to 20:00. In case of late or delayed arrival, the client must inform the renter or have made a prior agreement to the reservation. If the customer has not arrived 2 hours after the agreed time and if he did not warn the renter of his delay, the reservation will be canceled and no refund can be claimed.

On the day of departure, the client must vacate the premises by 11:00 am at the latest.

Article 4. Reservation and Payment of the stay :

The customer has the possibility to pre-book one night or more by sending a reservation request to the renter. The reservation becomes effective as soon as the customer has sent the renter a deposit of 100 euros, the rental agreement completed and signed, a valid ID and he received the booking confirmation from the owner. The balance of the rent can be paid before the day of arrival or will be paid on the day of arrival. The price includes all charges included and includes : accommodation, exclusive use of private hot tub spa, private indoor heated pool and suite with terrace as a whole.

Accuracy : if for any reason, technical failure for example, the customer can absolutely not use the spa OR heated pool then the price of the corresponding nights will be discounted by -50%. The customer can not claim any other compensation.
For the payment of the stay, the customer can use the following solutions : Bank transfer ( 10 working days before arrival ), cash or check holiday the same day. Consumption and additional services not mentioned in the contract will be paid on arrival to the lessor, according to the mentions posted in the guest room. The tourist tax is a local tax that the client must pay to the lessor who then transfers it to the Treasury. Rates are shown below the information purposes.

Article 5. Conditions of termination :

Any cancellation must be notified by registered mail or e-mail addressed to the lessor: 

a) Termination on the initiative of the customer: Any cancellation concerning the reservation of one or more nights at the initiative of the customer must be addressed to the renter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the address indicated on the reservation contract, or by email, the date of receipt by the renter as proof. In all cases of termination, whatever the reason, the renter keeps the full amount of the deposit paid by the customer. In cause the shortfall for the renter who could rent the room at full price. If the customer has already paid more than the deposit, the renter agrees to refund the overpayment within 15 days from the receipt of the cancellation. 

In practice the renter tries as much as possible if he can arrange his guests when they cancel. If he manages to rebook the canceled dates he will return the deposit by bank transfer or check by mail, if necessary he will ask for your preference and your details.

b) If the customer has not arrived on the day mentioned on the contract or has not notified of his delay and arrives more than 2 hours after the scheduled arrival time:
– this contract is considered terminated.
– the deposit remains acquired to the renter.
– the renter can dispose of his hiring.
– If the customer justifies the fact that he was not able to inform the renter in case of force majeure only, the contract will not be automatically terminated. 

c) Termination at the initiative of the Lessor: 

When the cancellation of the contract by the renter intervenes during the duration of the hiring, it must be constitutive for example of the non respect of the number of authorized persons in the Suite, (2 people maximum), of a non-payment of the stay, d a bad check issued by the client, a proven deterioration of the rented premises, a neighborhood complaint, a disturbance of public order, an offense against morality, behavior incompatible with life of the renter’s family …). This termination leads to the immediate departure of customers, regardless of the time of day or night. The renter reserves the right to retain the full amount of the stay. Whatever the cause of the cancellation, the entire amount of the sums paid remains the property of the lessor. 

d) Stopping the rental activity:

If the renter stops his renting activity he undertakes to return or destroy (if not cashed in) all the sums paid by the client. No compensation can be requested by the customer.

Article 6. Interruption of stay :

In case of early termination of the stay by the customer, and if the liability of the renter is not questioned, there will be no refund.

Article 7. Gift voucher :

– The gift voucher is valid for one year.
– The beneficiary of a gift voucher contacts the renter to define the date of his stay.
– In case of change of date at the initiative of the beneficiary, this will be considered as a cancellation.
– In case of cancellation of date at the initiative of the beneficiary, the renter will keep the 100 euros deposit paid and the rest will be returned to the buyer of the gift voucher.

Article 8. Deposit (guarantee):

The landlord asks a deposit of 100 euros for the rental of one night or 200 euros from 2 nights booked in the Suite Rêve d’Ailleurs for the reservation to be effective. 

The deposit is not cashed except in case of damage. 

The customer in addition to the payment of the deposit remains responsible for any bodily injury or intangible they could cause and agrees to compensate the lessor in case of damage. The premises and furniture are deemed to be rented in perfect condition. 

If no damage is found within 24 hours after the customer’s departure, the deposit will be destroyed by the renter. If any damage is found, the customer will be notified within 24 hours after leaving the premises.

Article 9. Use of the premises :

Regarding the use of the premises as a whole: The client will enjoy the rental in a peaceful way and will make good use of it, according to the destination of the place. Any repairs of any importance made necessary by the negligence of the customer during the rental will be at his expense. The rental can not in any case benefit third parties, except prior agreement of the Renter. Thus, visitors are not allowed, neither in the Suite nor on the terrace. The sublease is prohibited to the customer, under any pretext whatsoever, even for free, under penalty of cancellation of the stay. The full amount of the rent remaining acquired or due to the Lessor. The suite is non-smoking, it is forbidden to smoke inside the suite but the terrace is at your disposal. 

As for the use of the spa and the indoor pool: The guest room is equipped with a spa (hot tub type Jacuzzi). Its use is private, reserved for guests for the duration of the stay. The private jacuzzi spa is installed in the suite. The suite is also equipped with a heated indoor pool, its use is also private. 

In accordance with the regulations in force and the recommendations of the Regional Health Agency, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the spa, it is the subject of a treatment of water based on active oxygen for your greater comfort. Also, check with your doctor that you do not have any allergy to this product. Ditto for the pool that is treated with chlorine. 

For reasons of safety and hygiene, in order to respect the quality of the water, customers are required to respect the following rules:
– The shower is mandatory before entering the spa or swimming pool to clean the skin, and recommended at the outlet of the spa or pool to remove the active oxygen or chlorine residues.
– it is forbidden to soil the water (soap, perfume, bubble bath, sunscreen, massage oil, various solid or liquid products and varied). Food products are prohibited in and around the spa and pool. Pay attention to glass objects that could fall and break in the spa and pool which could cause danger to yourself but also heavy damage.
– Loose clothes and jewelry are prohibited in the spa and pool for security reasons. The swimsuit is strongly recommended.
– It is forbidden to smoke in and around the spa and pool, you can use the terrace for this purpose.
– It is forbidden to jump or dive into the spa.
– It is forbidden to use electrical appliances in and around the spa and pool (razor, hair dryer …).
– The spa is forbidden for people suffering from infectious diseases, obesity, heart disease, hypotension or hypertension, circulatory disorders or diabetes or any other health problem that may injure the client.
– The spa is forbidden to people on drugs inducing drowsiness, such as tranquilizers, antihistamines or anticoagulants.
– People on medication should consult their physician before using the spa or indoor heated pool because of the risk of drowsiness and changes in heart rate, blood pressure or circulation that are related to the intake of therapeutic substances.
– The use of drugs, alcohol or drugs before or during the use of the spa or pool may lead to a risk of unconsciousness, accompanied by a risk of drowning. 

The renter reminds its guests of the lack of surveillance of the private Jacuzzi spa and the heated indoor pool. It is strongly advised to be vigilant to avoid any risk of drowning. All spa and heated indoor pool users are advised to be covered by insurance. The renter declines any responsibility in case of accident, flight or drowning. We make available to guests the following items: bathrobes, bath slippers, bath and toilet towels. 

Regarding the use of the kitchen: Guests have a kitchen with different appliances. Customers must make good use of them without degrading them, otherwise they will have to pay for the damages. The renter declines all responsibility in the event of an accident. The suite is non-smoking however the terrace which is directly accessible from the suite is available and provided for this purpose.

Article 10. Insurance :

Clients must provide during their stay to subscribe to their insurer a warranty extension or subscribe to a particular contract, under clause “resort” (vacation rental). The renter can not be held responsible for the lack of insurance of the customers and will not be in any case responsible for the damages that these may have caused.

Article 11. Flights and Accidents

The Lessor declines any responsibility in the event of theft, bodily injury or intangible damage to the room, the property and the vehicles during the entire stay.

Article 12. Litigation or Claims :

For any complaints, please contact us first to solve the problem. For all disputes that arise from the execution or interruption of this contract, only the Courts of the jurisdiction of the location of the building object of the lease are competent.

Article 13. Illicit activity :

All illegal activities are prohibited. The customer will be solely responsible for any illegal activities for the duration of the stay.